Easter bunny nail art tutorial

Easter Bunny Nail Art Tutorial

Step by step Easter bunny nail art tutorial:


1 - Start

Items needed:

• Base Coat
• Pastel Pink Nail Varnish
• White Nail Varnish
• Bright Pink Striper or Nail Varnish
• Black Striper, Nail Varnish or Acrylic Paint
• Dotting Tool or Toothpick
• Top Coat





Step 1: After applying Base Coat paint all nails with 2 coats of Pastel Pink Nail Varnish





Step 2: Paint outline of head and ears using White striping brush





Step 3: Fill in outline with White Nail Varnish





Step 4: Fill in ears with Bright Pink leaving a thin white outline





Step 5: Using Black striping brush or paint make two ‘U’ shapes for eyes and then paint some small lines round them for eyelashes





Step 6: Paint small X under right ear for bow and fill in Bright Pink. Paint a small White dot in centre of bow and small White dots on outer bow





Step 7: Paint a small heart shape for mouth using Bright Pink and Dotting Tool




9 - Finished

Step 8: Apply Top Coat – Finished.



Thanks for reading this Easter bunny nail art tutorial.