Kiwi Nails

Kiwi Nails

Kiwi Nails is among a lot of fruit designs that look great for Summer Nails. Combines a lovely duochrome base with a lime green shimmery glitter polish.

Items used for Kiwi Nails:

  • Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat
  • OPI FireFlies
  • Essence Fruity One Kiwi A Day
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint Pearl White
  • Orly Liquid Vinyl
  • Dotting Tool
  • Essence Fruity Nail Fruits (Kiwi)
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat


OPI FireFlies is a thin semi sheer cream duochrome polish with iridescent light green, gold and pink. Applied three thin coats as base colour. This is a great polish for layering especially over dark nail colours.

Essence Fruity One Kiwi A Day is a pale lime green creme polish with subtle gold shimmer and small emerald green glitters. Rather a thick consistency that applies well with fully opaque coverage in two coats. Dries to a shiny finish.

Kiss Nail Art Pen Pearl White was used to apply thin vertical lines around half moons before applying black dots.

Orly Liquid Vinyl was applied with dotting tool for small black dots.

Essence Fruity Nail Fruits (Kiwi) were applied on top of wet polish on ring finger. No glue was needed. They were gently pressed with a dotting tool to adhere to nail shape.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat gives nails a smooth high shine finish.